Baxter’s Eggs

Delicious Deviled Eggs

Baxter’s Eggs are the perfect devilish treat for any egg lover. Our deviled eggs are topped with crispy chicken tender curls and crispy onion strings for a satisfying crunch. The real star of this dish is our housemade drunken bourbon bacon jam, adding a sweet and savory kick that pairs perfectly with the creamy eggs. To balance out the flavors, we drizzle a generous amount of ranch over the top. Please note that this dish is only available in limited quantities daily, so come early to get your hands on this unique and delicious appetizer.

These are the perfect appetizer. Our deviled eggs are topped with delicious chicken and bacon jam. This yummy appetizer pairs well with any of our chicken sandwiches.

Deviled eggs topped with chicken tender curls, onion strings, and our house made drunken bourbon bacon jam. Drizzled with ranch. ***Limited supply daily


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